Brain Academy, a comprehensive Educational Coaching and Assessment Center of New York, was
founded by Dr.Danov, PhD, a Harvard trained pediatric and adult neuropsychologist, who spent many
years testing and assessing very young children who are gifted, learning disabled, or both - gifted with
superior IQ along with some cognitive, emotional or behavioral weaknesses. Therefore, Dr. Danov
possesses unique skills to accurately assess your bright kid's cognitive strengths and weaknesses
(Hey, everyone has them! 4 and 5 year olds can be quite distractible!) and
design a specific plan
to best prepare your child for the NNAT and OLSAT,
instead of running the same exercises for
all kids regardless of their unique advantages and weaknesses.

You don't have the luxury of trying a program that claims to be the best instead of
going with the
program designed and ran by a cognitive and educational specialist who actually knows
how the brain works and understands what your child needs!
After all, you have those NYC DOE
Gifted and Talented Parent Handbooks and tons of test prep materials that you can use at home
without any additional expense! So, if you chose OLSAT NNAT gifted test prep program for your child,
chose the program that will give you more for your money!

Our unique test prep program is based on latest research-backed achievements in neuroscience that
effectively strengthens and advances all cognitive skills, which are required for top performance on
NNAT and OLSAT.   

Our superb test prep system designed by a highly experienced Harvard-trained neuropsychologist
has helped many gifted and talented kids and their families prepare for this vigorous and stressful
NNAT and OLSAT admissions testing for NYC GATE gifted and talented educational programs.  
offer the smart way to get through this grueling process and to ensure your child's top
performance on NNAT and OLSAT.

We don't stop here. We also support your child during very demanding years in the gifted and
talented program with an intense GATE curriculum. We work hard with your gifted child to support
his/her continuous academic success beyond OLSAT and NNAT admissions testing.

Why your child may need a Gifted and Talented school placement?

Gifted and talented children require a different educational placement to allow them develop and their
academic learning abilities while utilizing and enhancing their superior intellectual abilities.

GATE acronym stands for gifted and talented education. TAG acronym stands for talented and gifted.
G&T test term is also used to indicate an admissions test for gifted and talented children.  Schools use
terms GATE and TAG to refer specific admissions tests administered to gifted and talented children in
order to determine if they qualify for the gifted and talented program. Some school districts have a
specific name for their gifted program (e.g., Delta, Magnet, Sigma, Eagle, Enrichment, Prism, etc).

The admissions test to GATE programs include NNAT and OLSAT which are used together to
determine if a child scores in the gifted and talented range and, thus, qualifies for the GATE program.

Research shows that the brain of individuals with superior IQ works much more efficiently, as the
reason and learn faster, absorb and retain information more easily, and obtain better test scores on
typical academic tests.  Thus, the gifted program admissions testing process (OLSAT and NNAT
testing) determines child's general intellect (i.e., reasoning, sequencing, logic, fund of knowledge,
word knowledge, information processing, and working memory).  However, many confuse IQ test with
OLSAT and NNAT tests, which are different and separate testing instruments.  

In New York, NNAT and OLSAT are required for admissions to the city gifted and talented programs,
while private gifted and talented programs may require administration of other similar tests.  The
Hunter College Elementary School requires a different IQ test for the admissions consideration - the
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition (SB5).  Private schools may require other IQ tests
(WPPSI-IV, WISC-V). All these IQ tests (WPPSI, WISC, SB5) are standardized tests of intelligence for
very young and older children and are routinely used by neuropsychologists as a part of a
comprehensive neuropsychological testing and assessment.

Even gifted and talented children need some help to get through this highly competitive process to
secure a spot at a coveted GATE program.  It is never too early to start preparing for the TAG
(talented and gifted) and GATE (gifted and talented education) admissions tests such as IQ, NNAT,
OLSAT. For starters, we provide IQ testing, cognitive testing, and academic achievement testing to
kids of all ages. As neuropsychologists, specifically trained and experienced in the assessment and
testing of very young children, we administer IQ tests, such as WPPSI-IV, to kids as young as 3 years
of age!  

You can obtain IQ test scores and/or academic test scores for your gifted and talented youngster now,
way before the actual admissions IQ (WPPSI, WISC, SB5), OLSAT, NNAT, or ERB test. You can
determine whether your child scores in the high average, superior, or very superior range of the IQ
continuum.  Allow your youngster become familiar with the nature of IQ, NNAT, and OLSAT testing
experience and ease test anxiety. It does not matter how old is your child now, as IQ test scores are
always compared to the current age norms.  We will not administer IQ test right before your actual
sitting for the IQ test at the ERB.

Your next step after IQ test is a private tutoring and coaching. Brain Academy, a tutoring, testing and
coaching center of New York offers exactly what you need - a comprehensive, thorough and result-
driven preparation for any of the aforementioned standardized tests (NNAT, OLSAT, IQ, WPPSI,
WISC, ERB). Our unique test preparation and tutoring focuses on all critical areas of cognitive
functioning and academic achievement, including:

•        Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning
•        Logic & Arithmetic
•        Reading & Word Knowledge
•        Working Memory, Attention, Concentration

Brain Academy will not administer the actual OLSAT or NNAT - these tests will be formally
administered by the NYC Dept. of Education. However, you can prepare your son or daughter to
display their full intellectual and learning potential in the gifted range by increasing familiarity with the
overall testing process, decreasing test anxiety, and improving attention, focus and compliance with
questions-answer format, and ability to sit for prolonged period of time. NYC Department of Education
offers NNAT and OLSAT preparation manual to help parents prepare for the admissions application
process and prepare their youngsters for NNAT and OLSAT.  A few sample questions from the actual
NNAT and OLSAT are offered by the Department of Education (see download link in top right corner
of this page).

Some gifted and talented students may have some cognitive or academic skills that are slightly weaker
than the rest of their cognitive and academic skills. Only an experienced neuropsychologist can detect
such cognitive weaknesses and formally diagnose a gifted child with a learning disability. Some gifted
and talented students truly suffer when they struggle with a specific learning disability, while showing
off superior abilities in many other areas of cognitive functioning ("twice exceptional" students).

If such weaknesses are detected, the our top tutors can prepare your son or daughter for the ongoing
tests and assignments and help "pull up" these weaknesses while reinforcing the strong skills.
approach is based on neuroscience of the brain functioning and is proven to maximize your
child's potential.
Thus, it is always beneficial to start preparing for GATE (gifted and talented
education)  and TAG (talented and gifted) admissions tests (NNAT, OLSAT, ERB, IQ, WISC, WPPSI)
early enough so that your son or daughter has time to develop and strengthen his reasoning,
attention, memory, and overall academic and cognitive skills. Young kids cannot cram the mastery of
advanced cognitive skills in a few days.

Brain Academy sessions also allow your young ones to familiarize with the admissions testing process
(formal administration of standardized tests such as OLSAT, ERB, IQ, WISC, WPPSI by adults,
strangers, in unfamiliar office conditions), which helps decrease test anxiety and boost admissions test
This is the smart way to ensure your child's current NNAT and OLSAT test
performance and future academic success.

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Congratulations to children who
scored high on OLSAT & NNAT
in 2014!
May 2014
OLSAT & NNAT 2014 results
just came back- we are proud to
announce that all of
our bright kids scored above
90th percentile and many
scored at 99th percentile! Hard
work and determination paid off-
they are starting G&T programs
this Fall!
OLSAT & NNAT test prep at the
Brain Academy helps more and
more children to achieve higher
educational goals.
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